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The EU Commission found out in 2010 that in the market , the cost of repair, or repairing a car has raised, instead of decreasing. Due to this finding , we feel confirmed in our opinion: success through the best possible quality at competitive prices. That’s why we use only OEM and OES parts , since only these ensure the quality to be met for a repair 123helpme free essay number according to our ideas of quality . OEM parts are the spare parts that the car manufacturers – entirely justified – in advertising called “original spare parts”. OES parts are the parts that are supplied by the suppliers directly to the assembly lines of the automotive manufacturer, so the parts meet the quality standards of the manufacturer. Of all the parts that make up a car , around 40 % are OES parts. This OES parts do not carry the brand logo of the vehicle manufacturer, but have the identical quality with which the new vehicles are delivered . Due to in each of our branches at least one automotive master is supervising the whole process, the quality of the repair is ensured at all times .